, Changelog, NEWS etc.: update to version 2.0.6

Also update repo info and maintainer status per Dan's suggestion.

Signed-off-by: Stefan Richter <>
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Stefan Richter 2010-11-01 21:59:57 +01:00
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Send questions, bug reports, patches to:
Current maintainer: Stefan Richter. Send questions, bug reports, patches to:
Maintainer: Dan Dennedy <>
Prior maintainer: Dan Dennedy <>
Original author: Andreas Bombe <>
or <>
Manfred Weihs <>
Christian Toegel <>
Dan Maas <>
Ben Collins <>
Pieter Palmers <>
and others, see git log.

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2010-11-01 Stefan Richter <>
*, Changelog, NEWS etc.: update to version 2.0.6
2010-10-15 Stefan Richter <>
* arm on firewire-core: Remove leftover debug printfs
2010-09-05 Stefan Richter <>
* Be more careful when copying response payloads on firewire-core
2010-08-05 Stefan Richter <>
* Fix FCP and ARM source node ID on firewire-core
* Fix raw1394_iso_stop on firewire-core
2010-07-14 Stefan Richter <>
* Implement raw1394_(start_)phy_packet_write() on firewire-core
2010-06-20 Stefan Richter <>
* Filter incoming requests per card
* Rename a few kernel ABI testing helpers
* Do not use a random FW_CDEV_VERSION as our implemented ABI version
2010-06-05 Stefan Richter <>
* tools/dumpiso: Add write() return code checks, fix harmless format string bug
* tools/testlibraw: Fix a harmless format string bug
* Always imply iso shutdown in fw_destroy_handle
* Treat the kernel's iso context handle as opaque item
* Add missing malloc failure checks
2010-04-16 Peter Hurley <>
* Fix for overlooked device HUP with 'firewire' stack
2010-01-31 Stefan Richter <>
* Fix documentation of return values of raw1394_start_ family of functions
* doc: let "make clean" remove generated HTML files
* Document contact address (linux1394-devel) more clearly
2010-01-28 Sebastian Schueppel <>
* update README: replace outdated link to wiki
2010-01-09 Stefan Richter <>
* Fix "make doc".
2009-12-26 Dan Dennedy <>
* NEWS, Set to version 2.0.5.

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libraw1394 Release Notes
Version 2.0.6:
- Bug fixes, notably for FCP and request reception on firewire-core.
Note, several of these updates are only built into libraw1394 if
linux-headers 2.6.36 or later are present at build time.
Version 2.0.5:
- Bug fixes, in particular, for isochronous transmission and FFADO project.

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@ -11,11 +11,15 @@ send to and receive from other nodes without requiring a kernel driver for the
protocol in question.
The reason for making a library the interface to the kernel is to avoid
a program dependancy on the kernel version, which would hinder development and
a program dependency on the kernel version, which would hinder development and
optimization of raw1394. If development changed the protocol and made it
incompatible with previous versions only the libraw1394 has to be upgraded to
match the kernel version (instead of all applications).
Since version 2, libraw1394 also works with the kernel driver
firewire-core. libraw1394's role has thus become that of a raw1394
compatibility layer for existing applications when running on firewire-core.
2. Copyleft
@ -58,11 +62,21 @@ correctly links with libraw1394.
Send questions, suggestions, bug reports and patches to the mailing
list This list is open for posting
without prior subscription, and replies will usually be Cc'd to you.
without prior subscription, and replies will usually be Cc'd to you. Visit for links to list subscription interfaces and
list archives.
Maintainer of libraw1394 is currently Dan Dennedy. See the file
Maintainer of libraw1394 is currently Stefan Richter. See the file
AUTHORS for a complete list of contributors to libraw1394.
Visit for more information, including
links to mailing list subscription interfaces, to list archives, and to the
libraw1394 source repository.
Source repository:
Release tarballs:

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# process this file with autoconf to get a configure script
AC_INIT(libraw1394, 2.0.5)
AC_INIT(libraw1394, 2.0.6)