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2022-09-20 Peter McGoron <>
* Change ARM handler to no longer handle memory automatically
(all memory must be managed by the application).
* Change version to v3.0.0-mcgoron-dev
2016-04-03 Stefan Richter <>
*, Changelog, NEWS: update to version 2.1.2
2016-02-12 Thomas Petazzoni <>
* testlibraw: build the CLOCK_MONOTONIC_RAW test conditionally
* Use <stdint.h> types instead of non-standard types
2015-04-28 Stefan Richter <>
*, Changelog, NEWS: update to version 2.1.1
2015-02-15 Aaro Koskinen <>
* Align fw_handle buffer for 64-bit access
2014-06-10 Jonathan Woithe <>
* Prevent requests for previously provided iso tx packets
2013-09-08 Lee Cewd <>
* Fix memory leak in response handler
2013-08-24 Stefan Richter <>
* Save and restore errno in raw1394_new_handle{,_on_port} for legacy applications
* tools: Fix startup of dumpiso and sendiso on juju
2012-07-31 Stefan Richter <>
* Documentation improvement: return code of raw1394_read_cycle_timer{,_and_clock}
2012-07-29 Stefan Richter <>
* Changelog, NEWS: update to version 2.1.0
2012-06-30 Stefan Richter <>
* testlibraw: Fix printing of card name
* Add raw1394_get_speed() API
* Trivial whitespace normalization in ieee1394.h and raw1394.h
* Add 1394b speed codes to <libraw1394/{ieee,raw}1394.h>
* Fix documentation of raw1394_iso_multichannel_recv_init()
2012-06-24 Stefan Richter <>
* Remove now unused code
2012-06-22 Igor Kuzmin <>
* Disable power-of-2 alignment of isochronous I/O buffers
* Enable write access to isochronous reception buffer
2012-06-18 Stefan Richter <>
* Increase libtool version to 2.1.0
* Add raw1394_read_cycle_timer_and_clock() API
* Tweak raw1394_add_config_rom_descriptor() API, add documentation and test case
2011-03-24 B.J. Buchalter <>
* Add raw1394_add_config_rom_descriptor() and raw1394_remove_config_rom_descriptor() API
2012-06-02 Stefan Richter <>
*, Changelog, NEWS etc.: update to version 2.0.9
2012-05-25 Stefan Richter <>
* Remove unused code
* Include local firewire-*.h instead of system-wide <linux/firewire-*.h>
* Add firewire-{cdev,constants}.h from Linux v3.4
2012-03-19 Clemens Ladisch <>
* Implement raw1394_iso_recv_flush() on Juju
2012-02-19 Guus Sliepen <>
* Fix incorrect use of == instead of =.
* Remove UTF-8 whitespace.
2012-02-19 Stefan Richter <>
*, Changelog, NEWS etc.: update to version 2.0.8
2011-12-18 Stefan Richter <>
* Make a symbol static
2012-02-05 Stefan Richter <>
* Continue inotify event handling even after failure in one event
2010-10-27 Peter Hurley <>
* Process multiple inotify events
* Reset device fd upon error condition in handle_inotify()
2011-08-13 Stefan Richter <>
* retry raw1394_read/write/lock/lock64 with delays after ack-busy
* redirect Config ROM reads into the kernel's ROM cache
2011-03-08 Stefan Richter <>
*, Changelog, NEWS: update to version 2.0.7
2011-02-25 Clemens Ladisch <>
* do not delay iso packet queueing
2011-02-24 Clemens Ladisch <>
* fix start_on_cycle on firewire-core
2010-11-01 Stefan Richter <>
*, Changelog, NEWS etc.: update to version 2.0.6
2010-10-15 Stefan Richter <>
* arm on firewire-core: Remove leftover debug printfs
2010-09-05 Stefan Richter <>
* Be more careful when copying response payloads on firewire-core
2010-08-05 Stefan Richter <>
* Fix FCP and ARM source node ID on firewire-core
* Fix raw1394_iso_stop on firewire-core
2010-07-14 Stefan Richter <>
* Implement raw1394_(start_)phy_packet_write() on firewire-core
2010-06-20 Stefan Richter <>
* Filter incoming requests per card
* Rename a few kernel ABI testing helpers
* Do not use a random FW_CDEV_VERSION as our implemented ABI version
2010-06-05 Stefan Richter <>
* tools/dumpiso: Add write() return code checks, fix harmless format string bug
* tools/testlibraw: Fix a harmless format string bug
* Always imply iso shutdown in fw_destroy_handle
* Treat the kernel's iso context handle as opaque item
* Add missing malloc failure checks
2010-04-16 Peter Hurley <>
* Fix for overlooked device HUP with 'firewire' stack
2010-01-31 Stefan Richter <>
* Fix documentation of return values of raw1394_start_ family of functions
* doc: let "make clean" remove generated HTML files
* Document contact address (linux1394-devel) more clearly
2010-01-28 Sebastian Schueppel <>
* update README: replace outdated link to wiki
2010-01-09 Stefan Richter <>
* Fix "make doc".
2009-12-26 Dan Dennedy <>
* NEWS, Set to version 2.0.5.
* ChangeLog: Update ChangeLog for release.
* NEWS: Update release notes.
2009-11-23 Stefan Richter <>
* src/fw-iso.c: Addendum to 'Calculate iso receive cycles on firewire-core'
The number of packets is a 4th of the number of header bytes (in case of ABI
version 1). Also, wrap after an increment over 8000.
2009-11-19 Jay Fenlason <>
* src/fw-iso.c, src/fw.c: Initialize unused fields in ioctl arguments This
change is essentially cosmetic: Set fields of structs passed to the kernel
via ioctl so that valgrind will not complain about them.
* src/fw-iso.c: Calculate iso receive cycles on firewire-core at ABI version
1 More accurately report the cycle on which isochronous packets were
received. Only affects libraw1394 when used with kernel 2.6.29 or older.
2009-11-04 Jay Fenlason <>
* src/fw-iso.c: Fix default isochronous IRQ interval on firewire-core
libraw1394 takes a negative IRQ interval to mean "every 256 packets" with the
juju backend, which doesn't work well if you don't queue that many. Use
buf_packets / 4 like the ieee1394 version.
2009-08-30 Dan Dennedy <>
* doc/libraw1394.sgml: Update reference docs using kernel-doc.
2009-06-30 Dan Dennedy <>
* ChangeLog,, NEWS, Fix build due to incomplete
2009-06-29 Dan Dennedy <>
* ChangeLog: Update ChangeLog from git log.
* NEWS, Bump to v2.0.3 and update release notes.
2009-06-18 Dan Dennedy <>
*, src/ Fix build always expecting FW_DIR. Date:
Sun, 14 Jun 2009 11:51:33 +0100 From: Mike Auty <>
Subject: [patch libraw1394-2] src/ expects FW_DIR to be set, but
configure only sets it if given --with-fw-dir Here's a very small patch for
the configure system of libraw1394-2.0.{0,1,2}. At the moment, if configure
is called without --with-fw-dir, then FW_DIR doesn't get specified. The
Makefile includes the line INCLUDES=-I$(FW_DIR) and so in the compilation we
get a -I not followed by anything sensible. That can cause compilation
issues in certain circumstances (see Gentoo bug 272540), so this patch
ensures that INCLUDES is only set if --with-fw-dir was specified. Please let
me know if there's any problems with the patch or if I've submitted it to the
wrong place or in the wrong way. Thanks... Mike 5:) [1]
2009-05-31 Stefan Richter <>
* src/fw.c: Match only /dev/fw[0-9]* as firewire-core device files
Previously, /dev/fw* and hence files like /dev/fwmonitor were probed which
may have bad effects if the client runs with access privileges.
2009-05-30 Stefan Richter <>
* src/fw.h: Remove an unused struct member
* src/fw.c: Fix memory leaks with async requests on firewire-core Each
request allocated a struct request_closure which was never freed.
* src/dispatch.c, src/fw.c, src/fw.h: Use new async stream ioctl This
implements asynchronous streams on juju, i.e. enables raw1394_async_stream()
and raw1394_start_async_stream() to work with the new firewire kernel stack.
2009-01-11 Stefan Richter <>
* src/fw-iso.c: Iso reception: Use packet timestamps in juju ABI v2 In the
firewire-cdev ABI v1, the kernel exported only the timestamp of interrupt
packets. libraw1394 estimated the cycle of all packets between interrupt
packets by continuously incrementing the cycle. In v2 of the ABI, we can
obtain an accurate timestamp of each packet as provided by the OHCI
controller. AFAIU, this is also what you got from raw1394/ ohci1394.
* src/dispatch.c, src/fw.c, src/fw.h: Use new iso resource allocation ioctls
This allows raw1394_bandwidth_modify() and raw1394_channel_modify() to work
on juju without write access to the IRM's character device file. If either
the build-time requirement of firewire-cdev header ABI >= v.2 or the runtime
requirement of firewire-core ABI >= v.2 is not satisfied, the code falls back
to transactions to the IRM as before.
* src/fw.c: Use new broadcast request ioctl This implements broadcast
transactions on juju. (Broadcast transactions are write transactions to PHY
ID 63, not to be confused with isochronous or asynchronous streams.)
2009-05-16 Stefan Richter <>
* tools/testlibraw.c: testlibraw: fix printing of local config ROM Since
"testlibraw: test all cards instead of only the first", the actual ROM
content wasn't printed anymore due to a mistake in a printf format string.
2009-02-03 Dan Dennedy <>
* NEWS, bump version to 2.0.2 and add release notes
* src/fw-iso.c, src/fw.c, src/fw.h: Change the license of the "juju" fw*.[hc]
files to LGPL v2.1 as approved by Kristian Hogsberg in an e-mail to the
linux1394-devel mailing list on Feb 3, 2009.
2009-01-14 Dan Dennedy <>
* NEWS, bump version and add release notes
2009-01-11 Stefan Richter <>
* src/fw.c: Set errno = ENOSYS in unimplemented functions Most of them do
this already, only a few missed it.
2009-01-10 Stefan Richter <>
* src/fw-iso.c, src/fw.c, src/fw.h: Work without permission to access local
node's /dev/fw* On 10 Jan, David Moore wrote: > On Sat, 2009-01-10 at 19:28
+0100, Stefan Richter wrote: >> @@ -161,14 +160,16 @@
scan_devices(fw_handle_t handle) ... >> + for (j = 0; j < i; j++) >> + if
(ports[j].card == get_info.card) >> + continue; >> + > > That continue
statement doesn't do what you intended I think. From: Stefan Richter
<> Subject: [PATCH] Work without permission to
access local node's /dev/fw* Fix for juju backend: libraw1394 required
write permission to the character device file of the local node(s) in order
to enumerate cards and for a number of other operations. This forced users
to either run applications like dvgrab and kino with elevated privileges, or
to configure write permission for all /dev/fw* or at least for local nodes'
/dev/fw*. We now use the first accessible file which was found for each card
for as many tasks as possible, instead of the local node's file. This allows
distributors or admins to implement stricter access rights (default off, e.g.
only on for AV/C and IIDC devices) without sacrificing functionality of said
class of applications. Access to the local node is now only required by
low-level tools like gscanbus.
2008-12-20 David Moore <>
* src/fw.c: Fix stack corruption during juju lock transactions When
performing a lock transaction (such as with fw_lock) under Juju, 4 bytes of
the stack gets corrupted. This is because the lock transaction has 8 bytes
of data sent and 4 bytes received. Since the transaction "length" is
specified as 8, handle_device_event() copies 8 bytes into the destination
variable instead of the desired 4, and overflows into the stack by 4 bytes.
This patch fixes the corruption by adding an extra "out_length" argument to
the send_request() function so that both in_length and out_length can be
specified separately.
2008-12-09 Jarod Wilson <>
* src/fw-iso.c, src/fw.h: Fix iso_shutdown with juju firewire stack Make iso
start/stop/start sequences on the same handle, such as those used by apps
such as MythTV behave as expected. I can finally watch video off my cable box
over FireWire using MythTV w/the juju stack now. :) Initially, seemed a
one-liner might be the ticket (setting handle->iso.fd = -1 at the end of
fw_iso_shutdown()), but that led to memory corruption and a locked up system.
What ultimately worked was essentially mimicking what the old stack did to
track iso state, and call fw_iso_stop() from fw_iso_shutdown() as needed.
Nb: Only lightly tested with iso receive via MythTV, but its all fairly
straight-forward, I think.
2008-12-07 Dan Dennedy <>
* Checking /dev/raw1394 and recommendation for creating it for
the install make target is no longer relevant because opf firewire and udev.
2008-12-07 Stefan Richter <>
* tools/testlibraw.c: testlibraw: test raw1394_read_cycle_timer()
* tools/testlibraw.c: testlibraw: test all cards instead of only the first
2008-12-07 Dan Dennedy <>
* src/fw-iso.c: Let fw_read_cycle_timer() use the local fd instead of
requiring iso to be initialized
2008-12-02 Stefan Richter <>
* src/dispatch.c, src/fw.c, src/fw.h: [libraw1394 patch] Unify
{ieee1394,fw}_bandwidth_modify() because they do the same. We only may want
a separate fw_bandwidth_modify() in the future when firewire-core gains a
special ioctl() for that. (Not runtime-tested, but it looks good to me.)
* src/dispatch.c, src/fw.c, src/fw.h, src/raw1394.h: [libraw1394 patch] Fix
raw1394_channel_modify() on firewire-core (juju) Reported by Adrian Knoth:
fw_channel_modify() was unable to allocate some channels which were actually
free. This can be
easily fixed by replacing fw_channel_modify() by ieee1394_channel_modify()
because this is highlevel enough to work with Juju as well. We only may want
a separate fw_channel_modify() in the future when firewire-core gains a
special ioctl() for that. Also fix a documentation typo:
raw1394_channel_modify() did not show up in extracted API documentation due
to a cut'n'paste typo in raw1394.h.
2008-10-18 Stefan Richter <>
* src/fw.c: Fix segfault in juju's handle_arm_request The buffer pointers
were uninitialized, leading to segfault in memcpy. Bug report and initial
version of the fix by Adrian Knoth.
* src/dispatch.c: Reduce nesting depth in new_handle dispatchers
* src/arm.c, src/dispatch.c, src/eventloop.c, src/fw-iso.c, src/main.c:
Address some compiler warnings 7x unused variable, 1x assignment used as
truth value, 1x pointer signedness
2008-09-30 Erik Hovland <>
* src/fw.c: Makes extra sure strings are not overrun. When using strncpy
with the exact size of the destination string the string may end up lacking
null termination because the source string is bigger then the destination.
* tools/testlibraw.c: Makes sure to check any return values The return value
of any function should be checked if that function uses the return value to
provide some sort of status information.
* src/fw-iso.c: Makes sure a value is returned by the function. A function
can compile without returning something always.
* src/fw-iso.c, src/fw.c: Make sure that we have the right types. When an
unsigned type is assigned a signed value, the negatived value is never seen.
* src/fw.c: Compare unsigned values instead of subtracting them. Unsigned
values do not return signed values when subtracted and the right operand is
larger then the left operand.
* src/dispatch.c, src/fw.c: Protect against resource leaks.
* src/fw-iso.c: Make sure variables are initialized before used.
2008-07-21 Dan Dennedy <>
* src/dispatch.c: dispatch.c: fix a memory leak on not deleting the raw1394
wrapper handle.
2008-07-18 Dan Dennedy <>
*,, drop debian from
build and restore doc and tools to dist make target.
*, NEWS: NEWS: added release notes use git-log to
generate ChangeLog on make dist.
* INSTALL, Reset the libtool age.
2008-07-06 Dan Dennedy <>
* src/dispatch.c, src/errors.c, src/eventloop.c, src/main.c, src/raw1394.h:
Change handle validation to prevent segfault and be more informative.
2008-06-21 Stefan Richter <>
* src/dispatch.c, src/fw-iso.c, src/fw.h, src/raw1394.h: Fix
raw1394_read_cycle_timer after juju integration The ieee1394 version of
raw1394_read_cycle_timer() fell over the cliff in "First cut at integrating
juju". This brings it back and adds a juju version of it. Also correct a
typo in the inline documentation: s/get/read/
2008-06-16 Philippe Troin <>
* src/fw-iso.c, src/fw.c, tools/testlibraw.c: Plug dir leak and initialize
data structs While trying to track down some crashes in kino, I found the
following problems with libraw1394: * There is a DIR* leak in
raw1394_set_port(). * Lots of data structures are not fully initialized when
calling IEEE1394 ioctl()s. These cause valgrind errors (benign, as valgrind
does not know how to interpret all ioctls. However these also cause kino to
crash in libraw1394. I've added a bunch of memset()s to prevent this problem
from happening. Forward-ported to libraw1394 git tree by Jarod Wilson.
2008-04-30 Dan Dennedy <ddennedy@ddennedy.localdomain>
*,, juju/, juju/juju.h,
juju/raw1394-iso.c, juju/raw1394.c, src/, src/dispatch.c,
src/fw-iso.c, src/fw.c, src/fw.h, src/raw1394_private.h: Move the source code
files in the juju directory into the src directory and give them 'fw' names
instead of 'juju.'
2008-04-29 Dan Dennedy <>
* INSTALL, doc/libraw1394.sgml, src/raw1394.h: libraw1394.sgml, raw1394.h:
remove information about deprecated isochronous API that has been removed.
2008-04-29 Dan Dennedy <ddennedy@ddennedy.localdomain>
* juju/raw1394-iso.c: juju/raw1394-iso.c: bugfix size of mmap'ed isochronous
buffer to prevent segfault in applications.
2008-04-23 Dan Dennedy <ddennedy@ddennedy.localdomain>
*,, juju/, juju/juju.h,
juju/raw1394-iso.c, juju/raw1394.c, src/, src/arm.c,
src/dispatch.c, src/errors.c, src/eventloop.c, src/fcp.c, src/iso.c,
src/main.c, src/raw1394.h, src/raw1394_private.h, src/readwrite.c,
tools/ First cut at integrating juju This is currently working
with legacy ieee1394 and tools/testlibraw.
2008-04-22 Dan Dennedy <ddennedy@ddennedy.localdomain>
* Fix missing fi after initial merge.
2008-03-27 ddennedy <ddennedy@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* src/eventloop.c: src/eventloop.c: redo the undo (git-svn virgin at the
* src/eventloop.c: eventloop.c: apply patch from Jonas Bonn to retrty read
when failed with EINTR. This can occur when libraw1394 callera receives a
signal while in the read and the caller is not using a signal handler set
with signal().
* src/eventloop.c: eventloop.c: apply patch from Jonas Bonn to retry read
when failed with EINTR. This can occur when libraw1394 caller receives a
signal while in this read and the caller is not using a signal handler set
with signal().
2008-03-27 Dan Dennedy <ddennedy@ddennedy.localdomain>
* src/eventloop.c: eventloop.c: apply patch from Jonas Bonn to retry read
when failed with EINTR. This can occur when libraw1394 caller receives a
signal while in this read and the caller is not using a signal handler set
with signal().
2007-10-24 Jarod Wilson <>
* juju/raw1394-iso.c: Set handle->iso.packets to NULL after freeing to avoid
2007-10-14 ddennedy <ddennedy@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* src/raw1394.h: fix documentation on raw1394_update_config_rom
* AUTHORS: add Pieter Palmers to AUTHORS as contributor
* NEWS: update release notes
2007-06-13 Kristian Høgsberg <>
* juju/juju.h, juju/raw1394-iso.c: Update the juju implementation to follow
the recent bitfield changes.
2007-05-30 ddennedy <ddennedy@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
*, src/readwrite.c: Apply patch from Jon Schewe
<> to make valgrind happy. Adds --with-valgrind
configure option.
2007-04-17 Kristian Høgsberg <>
* juju/juju.h, juju/raw1394-iso.c: Follow ioctl changes and header file move.
2007-04-12 Jay Fenlason <>
* juju/raw1394.c: Use correct payload size for two-operand lock transactions.
2007-04-12 Kristian Høgsberg <>
* juju/raw1394-iso.c: Use power-of-two max packet sizes.
* juju/raw1394-iso.c: Wrap receive tail pointer correctly.
2007-04-11 Kristian Høgsberg <>
* juju/juju.h, juju/raw1394-iso.c: Refactor packet queueing and use for both
xmit and recv.
2007-04-03 Kristian Høgsberg <>
* juju/raw1394-iso.c, juju/raw1394.c: Fix warnings.
* juju/raw1394-iso.c: Implement raw1394_iso_xmit_sync(), remove debug code.
* juju/raw1394-iso.c: Handle rawiso dispositions.
* juju/juju.h, juju/raw1394-iso.c: Fix xmit payload packing, use pointers for
circular buffer indices.
* juju/juju.h, juju/raw1394-iso.c: Make raw1394_iso_xmit_write work.
2007-04-02 Kristian Høgsberg <>
* juju/juju.h, juju/raw1394-iso.c: More work on iso receive; handle payload
2007-03-31 Kristian Høgsberg <>
* juju/raw1394-iso.c: Decode iso headers properly.
2007-03-28 Kristian Høgsberg <>
* juju/juju.h, juju/raw1394-iso.c, juju/raw1394.c: Get rawiso receive a
little closer to working.
2007-03-26 Kristian Høgsberg <>
*,, juju/, juju/juju.h,
juju/raw1394-iso.c, juju/raw1394.c, tools/, tools/testlibraw.c:
Add the juju support work so far.
2007-02-17 ddennedy <ddennedy@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* src/raw1394.h: add documentation about existence of RAW1394DEV
* src/main.c: add support for RAW1394DEV environment variable to override
default /dev/raw1394, but also attempt to failover to default.
2007-02-14 ddennedy <ddennedy@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
*, src/ieee1394-ioctl.h, src/iso.c, src/kernel-raw1394.h,
src/main.c, src/raw1394.h: added raw1394_read_cycle_timer, contributed by
Pieter Palmers
2006-10-17 ddennedy <ddennedy@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* src/main.c: bugfix segfault in raw1394_iso_shutdown on no iso activity due
to not initializing raw1394_handle.iso_packet_infos to NULL in
2006-05-09 ddennedy <ddennedy@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* src/iso.c: apply optimization patch from Pieter Palmers that removes modulo
operator from high frequency isochronous code
2006-04-09 ddennedy <ddennedy@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* INSTALL, src/eventloop.c, tools/sendiso.c: cleanup some compiler warnings
* NEWS: add release notes
* src/iso.c: lock allocated isochronous packet tracking memory
* src/iso.c, src/raw1394_private.h: remove memory allocations for isochronous
operations from the libraw1394 event loop to make them more respectful of
realtime applications
2006-03-04 ddennedy <ddennedy@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* src/iso.c, src/raw1394.h: Added a new callback response for iso_xmit
handlers: RAW1394_ISO_AGAIN. This would be returned when the callback doesn't
have enough data to create a complete packet. This can occur when the xmit
buffers are bigger than the buffers supplying the data. It is not
nescessarily an error, because there are enough packets in the xmit buffer.
This response could give the data supplyer more time to fill the intermediate
buffer without losing any packets.
2005-07-04 ddennedy <ddennedy@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* src/iso.c: Fix raw1394_iso_xmit_write() to work with recent kernel change
to raw1394 to fix bug with stalling on buffer underrun.
* src/iso.c, src/raw1394.h: add sanity check to queuing of packets in rawiso
2005-07-01 ddennedy <ddennedy@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* src/raw1394.h: Add a comment that libraw does not allocate channels and
bandwidth. This is already mentioned in doc/libraw1394.sgml but an existing
comment about raw1394_iso_xmit_init may be misleading.
2005-06-23 ddennedy <ddennedy@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
*, src/iso.c: bugfix stalling on iso transmission underflow
2005-06-02 ddennedy <ddennedy@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* doc/libraw1394.sgml, src/raw1394.h: documentation and header comment
corrections from Stefan Richter
2005-02-16 ddennedy <ddennedy@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* NEWS,, doc/libraw1394.sgml, src/main.c, src/raw1394.h,
src/raw1394_private.h: add functions for allocating and releasing bandwidth
and channels
2004-11-26 ddennedy <ddennedy@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* src/main.c: add comment about assumptions made in raw1394_get_port_info
2004-11-25 ddennedy <ddennedy@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* src/main.c: apply patch from Matthias Hanel to fix uninitialized buffer and
remove unncessary (and logically impossible) copy in get_port_info
* doc/libraw1394.sgml, src/raw1394.h: improve reference documentation
2004-11-20 ddennedy <ddennedy@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* pkgconfig include path should not contain libraw1394
2004-11-19 ddennedy <ddennedy@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* tools/dumpiso.c, tools/sendiso.c: bump version of isodump file
2004-11-18 ddennedy <ddennedy@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* NEWS, src/raw1394.h, tools/dumpiso.c, tools/sendiso.c: port iso examples to
rawiso API
2004-11-11 ddennedy <ddennedy@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* doc/libraw1394.sgml: fix version and copyright in docs
*, libraw1394.m4: remove m4, remove -O2 from CFLAGS
* AUTHORS, INSTALL, NEWS, README, doc/libraw1394.sgml, src/arm.c,
src/errors.c, src/eventloop.c, src/fcp.c, src/iso.c, src/main.c,
src/raw1394.h, src/readwrite.c, src/version.c: reorganize and update
documentation; fix compiler warning
2004-10-31 ddennedy <ddennedy@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* NEWS, src/kernel-raw1394.h: revert kernel protocol version
* debian/, doc/ fix make dist without doc
2004-10-30 ddennedy <ddennedy@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* doc/libraw1394.sgml: nother doc update
* ChangeLog,, NEWS, README,, doc/,
doc/libraw1394.sgml,, src/,
src/kernel-raw1394.h, src/version.c, tools/ bump versions, build
fixes, and doc updates
2003-12-09 bencollins <bencollins@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* src/raw1394.h: Patch from Jim Radford. Other half of packet_per_buffer ABI
2003-11-20 bencollins <bencollins@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* src/iso.c, src/kernel-raw1394.h, src/raw1394.h: Patch from Alexander
Neundorf to support differing ISO rx modes. Currently supported only by OHCI.
2003-11-09 weihs <weihs@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* src/arm.c, src/kernel-raw1394.h, src/raw1394.h: sync with driver (addition
of functions raw1394_arm_get_buf raw1394_arm_set_buf to get and set buffers
of mapped address ranges)
* src/ieee1394-ioctl.h: sync with driver version of this file
2003-10-07 bencollins <bencollins@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* src/raw1394.h: Patch from Alexander Neundorf to add proto for
2003-09-26 bencollins <bencollins@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* debian/changelog, debian/copyright: Update for new version, 0.10.1.
* src/readwrite.c: Fixup async_stream to use same local req variable for
* debian/changelog, debian/ Fix postinst so device
node gets created.
2003-09-11 bencollins <bencollins@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* src/kernel-raw1394.h, src/raw1394.h, src/readwrite.c: Async stream support
from Jim Radford.
2003-07-22 bencollins <bencollins@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* Increase so maj/age so account for new recv-flush call.
* src/arm.c, src/eventloop.c, src/fcp.c, src/iso.c, src/main.c,
src/raw1394_private.h, src/readwrite.c: Patch from Stephen Tiedemann to allow
reentrancy in raw1394's usage of raw1394_request's.
2003-07-17 bencollins <bencollins@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* src/ieee1394-ioctl.h, src/iso.c: Patch from Dan Maas to add
raw1394_iso_recv_flush() call to API, using the RAW1394_IOC_ISO_RECV_FLUSH
ioctl. Updated the ieee1394-ioctl.h file aswell.
*,, pkg-config support from
Kristian Hogsberg.
* src/ Remove trailing whitespace, which automake chokes on.
Patch from Manish Singh.
2003-07-13 bencollins <bencollins@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* debian/control: Fixed section for -dev package.
* debian/rules: Re-add the pdf build
* debian/compat, debian/, debian/,
debian/rules: Update Debian files.
* debian/ Ok, the Debian package was way out of sync
with upstream
*, debian/control: Ooops...libtool works a bit different than I
thought, but atleast it works like it is supposed to.
* debian/control, debian/, debian/rules: Generate and
install the pdf in the Debian package.
* Don't run configure at the end of Also, remove
* debian/control: Update Debian maintainer
* debian/changelog: Update Debian changelog.
* ChangeLog: File doesn't really seem needed. The NEWS file gives a good
overview, and the svn log is more than verbose enough for info seekers.
* src/fcp.c, src/iso.c, tools/sendiso.c, tools/testlibraw.c: Fix compiler
* AUTHORS, NEWS, debian/control, debian/copyright: Updates from 0.10.0
2003-04-23 ddennedy <ddennedy@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* add libtoolize to bootstrap
2003-04-21 ddennedy <ddennedy@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* doc/libraw1394.sgml: added Dan Maas' rawiso docs
2003-04-07 dmaas <dmaas@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* src/main.c: new_handle_on_port() error path fix from Jim Radford
2003-03-26 dmaas <dmaas@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* src/main.c, src/raw1394.h: add raw1394_new_handle_on_port() convenience
2003-02-22 bencollins <bencollins@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* src/ieee1394-ioctl.h, src/iso.c, src/kernel-raw1394.h: Updates for new
rawiso ioctl interface.
2003-01-15 dmaas <dmaas@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* src/iso.c, src/kernel-raw1394.h, src/main.c, src/raw1394.h,
src/raw1394_private.h: add iso_xmit_sync() and iso_xmit_write(); clean up iso
handling a bit
* src/iso.c, src/kernel-raw1394.h, src/raw1394.h: implement tag matching for
rawiso reception
2003-01-05 dmaas <dmaas@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* src/, src/eventloop.c, src/iso-legacy.c, src/iso.c, src/main.c,
src/raw1394_private.h, src/readwrite.c: emulate legacy ISO reception API on
top of new rawiso API
2002-12-24 dmaas <dmaas@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* src/iso.c, src/kernel-raw1394.h, src/raw1394.h, src/raw1394_private.h:
update iso API for multi-channel reception and new packet buffer layout
2002-12-20 anonymous <anonymous@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* src/kernel-raw1394.h: oops, irq_interval needs to be signed
* src/kernel-raw1394.h, src/main.c, src/raw1394.h: dmaas - renamed exported
arm definitions into the raw1394_ namespace; brought kernel-raw1394.h back in
sync with the kernel version
2002-12-16 dmaas <dmaas@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* src/iso.c, src/kernel-raw1394.h, src/raw1394.h: rawiso updates: - changed
return type of rawiso xmit/recv handlers from int to enum
raw1394_iso_disposition - added an ioctl (RAW1394_ISO_QUEUE_ACTIVITY) to
force an ISO_ACTIVITY event into the queue. This is needed for handling
RAW1394_ISO_DEFER, to kick us out of the next read() instead of sleeping
forever. - removed references to "8-byte" isochronous header - this is an
OHCI-specific implementation detail
2002-11-18 ddennedy <ddennedy@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* src/raw1394.h: fix cplusplus extern C block
* src/, src/eventloop.c, src/iso.c, src/kernel-raw1394.h,
src/main.c, src/raw1394.h, src/raw1394_private.h: merged rawiso branch
2002-10-23 ddennedy <ddennedy@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* src/arm.c: added missing arm.c from weihs branch
* AUTHORS, ChangeLog, NEWS,, src/, src/eventloop.c,
src/kernel-raw1394.h, src/main.c, src/raw1394.h, src/raw1394_private.h,
src/readwrite.c, tools/testlibraw.c: merged weihs branch
2002-10-13 aeb <aeb@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
*, - Move to (for autoconf 2.50+). - Set CFLAGS to "-Wall -O2" only if not in
environment already. - Set package version to 1.0.0 already.
* src/errors.c, src/eventloop.c, src/fcp.c, src/iso.c, src/main.c,
src/raw1394.h, src/readwrite.c, src/version.c: Add kernel-doc style
documentation headers for most exported functions.
2002-10-08 aeb <aeb@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* : Set the executable flags for and debian/rules that were lost
in the CVS to SVN conversion.
2001-08-01 aeb <aeb@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* debian/changelog, debian/control, debian/,
debian/, debian/rules, doc/libraw1394.sgml: Add
raw1394_get_local_id, _irm_id, _nodecount refentry.
2001-07-09 aeb <aeb@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* doc/libraw1394.sgml: Reworked some paragraphs. Added chapters on generation
numbers and error codes. Added some function reference entries.
2001-06-27 aeb <aeb@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* debian/copyright: Modify info in Debian package copyright file a bit.
* NEWS, src/errors.c: Fix wrong error mapping in raw1394_error_to_errno() on
local transactions.
2001-06-17 aeb <aeb@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
*, debian/changelog, debian/,
debian/, doc/ debian: Let postinst continue
even if input is /dev/null. debian: 0.9.0-2 release for the above. Fix mixed
up sections for isodump man file in doc/ and
2001-06-11 aeb <aeb@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
*, doc/, doc/, doc/,
doc/ Added man page describing format of the iso dump file.
2001-06-08 aeb <aeb@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* doc/, doc/ Forgot to add dumpiso and sendiso man
pages to repository, fixed.
*, NEWS,, doc/, src/,
src/testlibraw.c, tools/, tools/dumpiso.c, tools/sendiso.c,
tools/testlibraw.c: Moved testlibraw.c from src to tools directory. Added
sendiso and dumpiso programs in tools directory. Added man pages for sendiso
and dumpiso in doc directory.
2001-05-30 aeb <aeb@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* debian/rules: debian: Remove a now useless substvar.
2001-05-28 aeb <aeb@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* debian/rules: debian: Make shlibs file versioned. debian: Remove local
shlib dependency kludge and replace with -l option for dh_shlibdeps.
2001-05-25 aeb <aeb@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* debian/changelog, debian/ Revert move of HTML directory
from libraw1394 to libraw1394.html
* doc/ Revert move of HTML directory from libraw1394 to
2001-05-24 aeb <aeb@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* debian/, debian/changelog, debian/control,
debian/, debian/rules, doc/ Move HTML
formatted documentation subdir from libraw1394 to libraw1394.html. Update
Debian control files to generate version 0.9.0-1 package.
2001-05-14 aeb <aeb@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
*, NEWS, README,, doc/,
doc/libraw1394.sgml, src/eventloop.c, src/main.c, src/raw1394.h,
src/version.c: Handle generation number is not automatically advanced with
bus reset. Function raw1394_update_generation() added for manual update. Bus
reset handler get current generation number as argument. Default bus reset
handler calls raw1394_update_generation().
* libraw1394.m4: Fix macros so that they actually work.
2001-05-07 aeb <aeb@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
*, NEWS, debian/control, debian/rules: Fix to include
libraw1394.m4 in distribution. Update NEWS. Some Debian packaging updates.
2001-03-21 aeb <aeb@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* src/main.c: Store returned generation count after setting of port.
2001-02-28 aeb <aeb@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* Install Fix wording in message when
/dev/raw1394 not found.
*,, doc/, doc/,
src/ testlibraw gets installed now. Added man page for
2001-02-27 aeb <aeb@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* src/eventloop.c: Let received iso header be big endian, to be consistent.
2001-02-05 aeb <aeb@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
*, libraw1394.m4, src/, src/raw1394.h, src/version.c:
Add libraw1394 autoconf macro (not yet complete). Add functions and symbols
to let macro determine version.
2001-01-31 aeb <aeb@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* src/raw1394.h: Put 'extern "C"' for C++ back in.
2001-01-27 aeb <aeb@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* src/testlibraw.c: Adapted testlibraw to new style error handling.
2001-01-19 aeb <aeb@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* src/, src/errors.c: Fix building errors.c.
*, src/errors.c, src/eventloop.c, src/main.c, src/raw1394.h,
src/raw1394_private.h, src/readwrite.c: First implementation of new error
reporting API.
2001-01-04 aeb <aeb@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
*, debian/changelog, debian/ Fix
misplaced device file in Debian installation.
2000-12-12 aeb <aeb@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
*, debian/, debian/changelog, debian/control,
debian/, debian/,
debian/rules: Debian scripts use makedev (>=2.3.1-49) in postinst by default
now. Postinst script using mknod added as alternative. Revision bumped up to
2000-11-25 aeb <aeb@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* debian/, debian/rules: Fix postinst ldconfig. Fix
device file creation. Install NEWS and README as documentation in the dev
* README: Add some information about return values.
2000-11-24 aeb <aeb@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
*, debian/changelog: Bump up version numbers for release.
* debian/, debian/, debian/rules: Added to list of distributed files.
2000-11-23 aeb <aeb@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* debian/, debian/rules: Add ldconfig in deb postinst
for Debian policy conformance.
* acconfig.h: Removed acconfig.h, which wasn't needed for some time.
2000-11-22 aeb <aeb@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* NEWS, src/, src/ieee1394.h: Added ieee1394.h header.
2000-09-13 aeb <aeb@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* src/readwrite.c: Fix raw1394_start_iso_write() which uses wrong variable.
2000-09-10 aeb <aeb@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
*, src/fcp.c, src/iso.c, src/main.c, src/raw1394_private.h,
src/readwrite.c: Work around compiler warnings for int/ptr casts.
* debian/, debian/README, debian/changelog, debian/control,
debian/copyright, debian/rules: Added control files for Debian packages.
2000-09-01 aeb <aeb@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* src/raw1394.h: Added missing prototypes for iso send functions.
2000-08-08 aeb <aeb@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* NEWS, src/eventloop.c, src/kernel-raw1394.h, src/main.c, src/raw1394.h,
src/raw1394_private.h, src/testlibraw.c: Added raw1394_get_irm_id().
2000-08-06 aeb <aeb@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* NEWS, src/kernel-raw1394.h, src/readwrite.c: Added support for isochronous
2000-07-05 aeb <aeb@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* NEWS, src/kernel-raw1394.h, src/main.c, src/raw1394.h: Added
raw1394_reset_bus() call.
2000-06-22 aeb <aeb@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
*, src/, src/main.c, src/testlibraw.c: - Set library
version info in, use in src/ - Enable compiler
2000-06-15 aeb <aeb@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
*, src/ Update libtool version number.
2000-06-14 aeb <aeb@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* src/eventloop.c, src/fcp.c, src/iso.c, src/main.c, src/readwrite.c,
src/testlibraw.c: Added copyright headers.
2000-06-11 aeb <aeb@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* Added explicit AC_PROG_INSTALL call.
2000-06-09 aeb <aeb@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* src/kernel-raw1394.h: Fix size of error field.
2000-06-02 aeb <aeb@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* NEWS,, src/fcp.c, src/iso.c, src/kernel-raw1394.h, src/main.c,
src/readwrite.c: Modified support for 32/64 bit environments, control struct
fields have fixed size now.
2000-05-28 aeb <aeb@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* acconfig.h,, src/eventloop.c, src/fcp.c, src/iso.c,
src/kernel-raw1394.h, src/main.c, src/readwrite.c: Added support for
environments with 64 bit kernel and 32 bit userland.
2000-04-27 aeb <aeb@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* src/readwrite.c: Fixed missing setting of ext code in raw1394_start_lock()
2000-04-15 aeb <aeb@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* NEWS, src/raw1394.h, src/readwrite.c: Fixed lock transaction to actually
return response value.
2000-04-12 aeb <aeb@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* NEWS: Add userdata functions as news.
2000-04-05 aeb <aeb@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* src/main.c, src/raw1394.h, src/raw1394_private.h: Add userdata functions.
2000-03-18 aeb <aeb@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
*,, debian/ Bump version number to 0.6.
* NEWS: Mention byte order change.
* README: Mention SourceForge home.
* Add script to generate Makefiles from bare CVS checkout.
2000-03-17 aeb <aeb@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* src/ Version++ and age++ for libtool version info.
2000-03-16 aeb <aeb@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* NEWS: - Added FCP monitoring entry - Added old 0.5 news
* src/fcp.c, src/testlibraw.c: Added FCP monitoring test.
* src/testlibraw.c: Use correct typedef in my_tag_handler().
* src/raw1394.h: Fix spelign of raw1394_set_fcp_handler().
* src/, src/eventloop.c, src/fcp.c, src/kernel-raw1394.h,
src/raw1394.h, src/raw1394_private.h: Added FCP listen functionality.
* Removed obsolete AC_PROG_RANLIB.
2000-03-12 aeb <aeb@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* COPYING.LIB: Ensure this ends up in distributions.
* src/raw1394.h: Renamed 'new' args to 'new_h' for C++ compatibility.
2000-02-06 abombe <abombe@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* Version changed to 0.5
* src/raw1394.h, src/readwrite.c: Added lock transaction.
2000-02-04 abombe <abombe@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
*, src/, src/eventloop.c, src/main.c, src/raw1394.h,
src/raw1394_private.h: Changed iso rcv handling to separate handlers per
2000-01-02 abombe <abombe@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* Added dev target to Makefile
1999-12-29 abombe <abombe@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* NEWS,, src/, src/iso.c, src/kernel-raw1394.h,
src/main.c, src/raw1394.h, src/raw1394_private.h, src/readwrite.c: Added
isochronous I/O support
1999-12-18 abombe <abombe@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* src/csr.h: - Added FCP register addresses - Added #ifdef for multiple
1999-12-15 abombe <abombe@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
* src/raw1394.h: Added prototypes for async write functions
1999-12-02 abombe <abombe@53a565d1-3bb7-0310-b661-cf11e63c67ab>
src/, src/csr.h, src/eventloop.c, src/kernel-raw1394.h,
src/main.c, src/raw1394.h, src/raw1394_private.h, src/readwrite.c,
src/testlibraw.c: Initial revision