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Upsilon is a 100% free and open source STM/AFM controller for FPGAs running Linux. Read doc/copying/ for license information.


Read doc/copying/ to set up the Docker build environment.

Project Organization

  • boot/: This folder is the central place for all built files. This includes the kernel image, rootfs, gateware, etc. This directory also includes everything the TFTP server has to access.
  • build/: Docker build environment.
  • buildroot/: Buildroot configuration files.
  • doc/: Documentation.
  • doc/copying: Licenses.
  • gateware/: FPGA source.
  • gateware/rtl: Verilog sources.
  • gateware/rtl/control_loop: Control loop code.
  • gateware/rtl/spi: SPI code.
  • linux/: Software that runs on the controller.
  • opensbi/: OpenSBI configuration files and source fragments.