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Windows Local Backup
Windows local backup system. Supports anything Sqlite3 supports.
The bundled TCC is designed for Windows XP.
Backups are stored in a SQLite database. Each backup is timestamped
at the time of execution, with an optional name.
Each file in the backup has it's SHA256 sum included. If a file has
an identical SHA256 sum, only one copy of the file is stored. The
relative directory of each file is stored.
First you need to set up TCC.
1. Install TCC.
2. Download
3. Copy the ``include` directory of this into ``tcc/include/winapi``.
After that, run ``compile.bat``. ``wlb.exe`` should be ready to run.
``wlb.exe`` executes each argument to it in sequence. Most of the time
you will run ::
wlb.exe \V \D dbname.wlb \A dir1 \A dir2 ...
``\V`` turns on verbose mode, which reports the name of each file
as it is being read. You can remove this to make WLB only report errors, or
you can use ``\VV`` to turn on debug mode.
``\D`` denotes the name of the database. This must come before all archive
commands. There can only be one ``\D`` specified per run. If specified file
does not exist, it will be created. If the file is a SQL database whose user
version is not a supported WLB version, the program will report an error and
``\A`` requests WLB to archive a file or directory. If what follows is a
directory, then WLB will archive every file under the directory, and in the
directories under that, etc. There can be multiple ``\A`` commands corresponding
to different files/directories.